Women’s Retreat Sweet Life Cafe 2017

Sweet Life Cafe was our retreat study on the weekend of May 5-7.   There were 20 women in attendance.  It was for women to savor time with God and other women of faith.  There were 5  groups of 4 that got to know each other during the weekend and share with each other.  They laughed at plays and games, shed some tears and shared.   There is no greater fellowship than women of faith gathered together.

There were great actresses in plays


There was worship 

There was dancing

We learned how to make little bears that are donated for children in distress 

We played Heads Up 

We savored the Sweet Life Cafe  It was great to spend time with friends, praying, dancing, singing, learning more about each other, and knowing that God was in the midst of it all.

Deb  T.

The weekend gave me a chance to unwind from my daily busyness and be still with myself and God.

Tanya N.

The weekend was uplifting, sometimes emotional, inspiring, fun and a blessing to all participants.

Barbara S

Very well planned and organized and a wonderful way to get to know other sisters in our church better.

Audrey H.

I truly enjoyed the fellowship and getting to know my CLC sisters.

Annette D.

I love the opportunity to spend time in study, celebration and silliness with my sisters in Christ. I so value the opportunity to get away together with these wonderful women!

Becca S.

A wonderful blend of fun and faith, sharing and learning together. A true “mountain top” experience (pun intended!)

Kathy P.

The retreat was a reflective, enriching, and fun weekend. I won’t miss next year!

Peg N.

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