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From Lutheran World Relief:

“Thank you for supporting the work of  Lutheran World Relief with your gift of $1,325.00 given through the Metropolitan DC Synod.    I’d like to share a sory of the great work this gift will support.


Sevu once struggled to support his family on his farm in Kenya’s dry Makindu district.   The region has a rainy season during which the Makindu river bed fills with water, but farmers didn’t have a good way to capture the water.   This made it difficult for Sevu and the other farmers.    Now with local partners, we worked to install a sand dam- a structure built onto a dry river bed that captures water-filled sand and holds it in place.     Now Sevu and his family have a source of waterfor growing crops year round and, because of the sand dam, he can afford to send his children to school and they no longer struggle with chronic hunger.


That’s just one example of how this gift changes lives around the world.     I hope you will visit our website ( for more updates and stories.


God bless you!

Warm regards,


Daniel Speckhard

President and CEO


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A Thank You from Deb Stover (April 2014):

A big thank you to those who helped get the Memorial Garden in shape for Easter:
Bob Bookwalter and Doug Richardson got the fountain up and running.
Fifty bags of mulch were hauled around and spread by Doug Richardson, Michael Smyser, Mike Turner, John Passaro and from Troop 950 Cindy Pitman, Jim LaBarbara, and Antonio LaBarbara.
The mulching was accomplished in record time with so many hands. Many thanks to all!



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