Women’s Retreat Sweet Life Cafe 2017

Sweet Life Cafe was our retreat study on the weekend of May 5-7.   There were 20 women in attendance.  It was for women to savor time with God and other women of faith.  There were 5  groups of 4 that got to know each other during the weekend and share with each other.  They laughed at plays and games, shed some tears and shared.   There is no greater fellowship than women of faith gathered together.

There were great actresses in plays


There was worship 

There was dancing

We learned how to make little bears that are donated for children in distress 

We played Heads Up 

We savored the Sweet Life Cafe  It was great to spend time with friends, praying, dancing, singing, learning more about each other, and knowing that God was in the midst of it all.

Deb  T.

The weekend gave me a chance to unwind from my daily busyness and be still with myself and God.

Tanya N.

The weekend was uplifting, sometimes emotional, inspiring, fun and a blessing to all participants.

Barbara S

Very well planned and organized and a wonderful way to get to know other sisters in our church better.

Audrey H.

I truly enjoyed the fellowship and getting to know my CLC sisters.

Annette D.

I love the opportunity to spend time in study, celebration and silliness with my sisters in Christ. I so value the opportunity to get away together with these wonderful women!

Becca S.

A wonderful blend of fun and faith, sharing and learning together. A true “mountain top” experience (pun intended!)

Kathy P.

The retreat was a reflective, enriching, and fun weekend. I won’t miss next year!

Peg N.

Youth Trip to Jonah

The Confirmation kids along with their sponsors of CLC took a trip to Sight and Sound in Ronks, Pa.  They allowed extra’s to tag along and it was an amazing trip for all.   The presentation of Jonah was excellent and enjoyed by all.  They saw the whale and his fellow ocean buddies moving over their heads as the jelly fish dropped from the ceiling all in bright phosphorescent colors.  There was a ship that weighed fifteen tons and moved around on motion controlled wheels guided by GPS that appeared to be sailing the sea and plenty of live animals to keep everyones attention.

They enjoyed dinner afterwards at nearby Bird-in-Hand Family Restaurant buffet.

Jonah was a breathtaking experience with turns and twists – Tyler T

I love having the opportunity to spend time enjoying two of my favorite things, our youth and theater – Becca S

Jonah was a breathtaking experience of culture I hope I never forget – Sidney

The play was the best play I have ever seen – Justin L

The whale was really cool along with the giant jelly fish coming down from the ceiling and the Queen singing – Sarah M

I like the underwater sea part – Taylor K

I like the whale and the underwater fish – Cassidy K

The vehicles were interesting – Kelton B

Loved it for the 3rd time – Peggy D

It was a great day creating many memories while seeing a very entertaining theater show.  Always enjoy the fellowship of members of CLC  –  Sherry F

Interesting adds to the story of Jonah, but very interesting  – Mike T

There were two 15 passenger buses driven by the very capable Daphne Becker and Becca Shelor and a passenger car driven by the Bookwalters 

These were our seats and they were excellent

Our Youth at Shema

Shema was a  Metro DC Synod Youth event for 3rd-6th graders hosted by King of Kings Lutheran Church in Fairfax, VA. on Sunday April 30th.

The theme this year was We Need You to Be You and they used the wonderful movie, Wreck-It Ralph, to explore several faith lessons shown by the fictional lives of Ralph, Felix, Vanellope and others in the video arcade.

So on  Sunday afternoon, after a busy morning of church, bringing friends, and service projects, twelve highly enthusiastic youth and four intrepid leaders went on an adventure to King of Kings Lutheran Church for the Synod event Shema!
Our youth, along with youth from many other churches across the synod spent the afternoon playing games like Pac-Man tag, creating their own edible race car snacks out of graham crackers, frosting and lots of different kinds of candy.  They  celebrated their own uniqueness in how they are created in God’s image!
Caroline, Julia, Emma, Shelby, Ethan, Kurtis, Tyler, Braedon, Eli, Gabe, Daniel and Charlie

Backpack Buddy Program

On Sunday, April 30th, our Sunday School and Youth participated in Service Day to support the Galilee United Methodist Church Backpack Buddy Program. Our congregation and CKCP families purchased donations throughout the month of April. On April 30th, the Sunday School classes sorted and packed the food into bags for recipients. The kids seemed to have a lot of fun while making an impact in the community. We packed and delivered 336 bags! Thanks to everyone for your food and monetary donations.
Galilee provides food to 391 students at six different schools every week. These are students whose families are financially struggling and might not have food to eat over the weekend without this program. Below is a list of the schools that Galilee supports with Backpack Buddies:
Meadowland Elementary:  90 packs
Countryside Elementary:  90 packs
Rolling Ridge Elementary:  90 Packs
Seneca Ridge Middle:  81 Packs
Dominion High School:  25 Packs
Sanders Corner Elementary:  15 Packs
Pulled from Galilee Backback Buddies website:
About Backpack Buddies:
Our story began more than six years ago when we learned that nearly 12,000 children in Loudoun County were food insecure. As the wealthiest county in the United States, we found this statistic troubling. We quickly responded to this need by launching the Backpack Buddies Program, which  provides weekend, summer, and holiday meal packs to Loudoun County students receiving free or reduced-price school meals.



–  25% of Loudoun County residents have incomes that qualify them for SNAP.

–  The average cost of a meal in Loudoun County is $3.05.  The “Meal Gap” in Loudoun is $8,428,110.

–  $8,428,110 is 0.06% of the total income in Loudoun County.

–  For about $7/month per Loudoun County household, we can close Loudoun’s “Meal Gap.”

Acts 2:42 Lock In

On March 25th and 26th,  nine intrepid youth dove into the lenten discipline by participating in our Acts 2:42 Lock-in. Similar to the more widely known 30 Hour Famine, the Acts 2:42 Lock-in derives it’s title from Acts 2:42 “They committed themselves to the teaching of the apostles, the life together, the common meal, and the prayers.” (The Message) and our youth did just that. We dove into the biblical teaching that address the history of fasting as a discipline and discussed the differences between voluntary fasting and genuine, chronic hunger as is experienced around the world. We celebrated our life together in regular breaks in activities to worship and sit together in community. We celebrated the common meal, even during the fast, by baking bread in a crockpot in the library and making a midnight run to Giant to have a competitive shopping spree to fill the LINK cart at CLC. We spent a lot of time in prayer together, learning to lift up the needs and joys of our neighbors, near and far. And of course, we had a ton of fun as well!
“I enjoyed the time I spent with my friends.” – Dyan
“I learned that in order to grow as a person and Christian, you must first be able to sacrifice and learn discipline.” – Kira

Commissioning of New Stephen Ministers

On Sunday, April 2nd, we welcomed three new Stephen Ministers.  Tina, Cathy and Emanuela have completed 50 hours of training and were officially commissioned at both services.  They agreed, with God’s help, to nurture the skills they have learned and use them in service to others to support, encourage and comfort those in need.  During the Commissioning ceremony, current and former Stephen Ministers were invited to come forward and stand with the new Stephen Ministers in a show of support.  The photo is from the late service and it includes:  back row:  Pastor Joe, Mike D., Beth J., and Pastor Annabelle; front row:  Don P., Roberta B., Dee M., Emanuela W., Cathy C., Tina P., Annette D., Karen S., and Joan H.  We also had several current and former Stephen Ministers at the early service.

Stephen Ministry is a one-to-one caring ministry to support individuals going through a difficult time, such as, grief, job loss, divorce illness, or coping with life changes.  A Stephen Minister provides Christian caregiving through listening and prayer.  The Stephen Minister is the caregiver and God is the cure giver.  If you would benefit from the care of a Stephen Minister, please call the church office at 703-430-6006 and a Stephen Leader, or one of the Pastors, will contact you.

Currently Serving:

Stephen Leaders:  Beth J. and Mike D.

Stephen Ministers:  Karen S,  Caroline H,  Joan H,  Roberta B,  Ed R,  Marsha R,  Cathy C. Emanuela W,  Tina P



Marlyn Bowers had surgery and the outpouring of support for Marilyn as she went thru the recovery was amazing and she is forever grateful.

The blessings are more than I can grasp.  Your prayers.  The many incredible conversations (and laughs).  Rides to doctors’ appointments, etc.  To those of you who spent the night and brought food,  many thanks.  So many “God Moments”.  Surgery was successful and I’m on the mend.  This has been one of the most spiritual times of my life.  You have blessed my life and heart forever.

Marilyn Bowers

Easter Prayer Vigil

Good Friday through Holy Saturday, April 14 – 15, 2017

The Worship and Music Committee is excited about offering the opportunity for our congregation to participate in a round-the-clock prayer vigil this Easter.  We hope that you share this excitement with us!

So what is a prayer vigil?  The concept of a prayer vigil is many centuries old.  “Vigil” indicates a time of vigilance, purposeful sleeplessness, and devotional watchfulness.  Originally vigils were kept on the night before a religious feast with prayer or other devotions.  The desire to take part in the holy occasion was so strong that people couldn’t wait for it to happen, which meant they were so full of determination that waiting and getting ready was all they could do, to the neglect of sleep or food.  Think of children waiting for Christmas or Easter morning.

A prayer vigil (or prayer watch) happens when we get that way about praying.  It can be done individually, but it’s usually done by a group of people to make sure there is always someone praying.  Traditional church vigils for holy days are not strictly “prayer” vigils because so much else is involved, but they do contain much prayer.

The main purpose of the Easter prayer vigil is to wait in the darkness with hope for the resurrection of our Lord Jesus on Easter morning.  We wait with anticipation by the tomb and remember the sacrifice that has been made on our behalf that assures us salvation in God’s grace.  While Jesus was praying in Gethsemane, he returned to the disciples three times and found them asleep.  He said to Peter, “Could you not keep watch for one hour?” (Mark 14:37).  During the prayer vigil we remember Jesus’ death and resurrection, we watch and pray.

To conduct a prayer vigil we will have to want it passionately enough to get many people to commit to serve as prayers and hosts.  To state the obvious: a vigil takes vigilance — and should put your vigilance to the test at least a little bit.  Embarking on a significant time of prayer with nothing else to do helps us put our busyness aside and concentrate on prayer.  After one successful experience, we think you will be eager to sign up the next time.

The prayer vigil will begin after the Good Friday service (around 8 PM) and continue until just before the Easter Vigil service on Saturday evening (around 8 PM), or approximately 24 hours.  During this time you are asked to be in the sanctuary for a time of prayer, scripture reading, and reflection (there will be adjustments to the location to support preparing the sanctuary for Easter services).  Suggested readings and prayers will be provided; or, you may bring your own materials.  Whatever you might choose to do, this can be a very helpful time in preparation for the joy of Easter.  You are welcome to stay as long as you like during these hours and enjoy the serene atmosphere for prayer, meditation, or just quiet reflection.

Besides those who will be praying, we will also need prayer vigil hosts.  The hosts will stay in the narthex area and welcome all prayers who attend and orient them to the vigil resources available.  The hosts will help to maintain an atmosphere of quiet reflection free from distractions and lock/unlock the front doors as appropriate.

A sign-up sheet for prayers and hosts is located in the Narthex.  Half-hour time slots are provided for prayers, but we would strongly encourage you to sign-up for a one hour time slot.  You may sign up by yourself, with friends, and/or your family.