What is a Worship Servant? and What are the Worship Servant’s Roles?

Q.  What is a Worship Servant?

A. A Worship Servant is a person like you who supports the worship service.

Q.  How old do you have to be in order to serve as a Worship Servant?

A. Generally, Worship Servants start serving in the fourth grade, and carry on until they “retire.”

Q.  Do I have to sing?

A. Only the vocal choirs have to sing.

Q.  Can a family serve together as Worship Servants?

A. Yes.  Greeters and Ushers are excellent roles for all members of a family to serve together on a Sunday.

Q.  Do I have to wear a robe?

A. Only the choirs, Assisting Ministers, Crucifers and Acolytes wear robes. The robes signify our baptisms and being clothed in Christ.

Q.  What is an Acolyte?

A.  An Acolyte is a person like you who serves during the service by lighting the Altar Candles, serving communion, and accepting the offering.

Q.  How can I serve if I can dedicate only a short time during the service?

A. Communion Servers and Readers are “on duty” for a short time during the service.

Q.  I’m a behind-the-scenes person.  What’s a good Worship Servant role for me?

A. Altar Guild does almost all of its work before and after the service.  The Counters meet after the service.

Q. How often do Worship Servants serve?

A. Most Worship Servants serve once per month.  Some less frequently.  Counters serve all month, three times per year.

Q.  I like to interact with people, how can I serve?

A. You might like to serve as an Usher or as a Greeter.  Ushers welcome visitors and members alike, and guide the congregation through the service.  Greeters greet visitors and members at the church door, and help visitors find the Welcome Desk.

Q.  What’s the Welcome Desk?

A. Welcome Desk gives a special welcome to visitors, recording their visit, answering their questions about this church, and giving them a coffee mug as a gift.

Q.  How many Worship Servants support any given service?

A. Nineteen.  And that’s not counting the Choirs.

Q.  I’m comfortable serving in front of a congregation.  What’s a good Worship Servant role for me?

A. Crucifers, Acolytes and Assisting Ministers serve at the altar throughout the service.

Q.  How can I serve?  I like to speak publicly.

A. Assisting Ministers and Readers have speaking roles during the service.

Q.  Do you have to be ordained to be an Assisting Minister?

A. No.  An Assisting Minister is a Lay Person (non-clergy), who has the spiritual maturity and composure to help the Presiding Minister and to lead the congregation in prayer.

Q.  Can I serve in several worship servant roles?

A. Yes.  Many Worship Servants do.  We ensure that you serve in all of your roles throughout the year.

Q.  Is there training for Worship Servants?

A. Yes.  There will be a Worship Servant Training Seminar at 9:30 am on October 16 in the church’s sanctuary.  You can sign up in the Lobby, online at http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c054da8aa2eabf85-worship, and through Sunday School, Confirmation and Youth Ministry.   In addition, we can arrange one-on-one training.

Q.  I want to serve!

A . We welcome you! 

“An Assisting Minister Leads a Prayer”

An Assisting Minister leads a prayer

“A crucifer leads the Procession of the Palms”


“Altar Guild setting up for Communion”


Rally Day and Ministry Fair


A great turnout for our Rally Day and Ministry Fair

Everyone was able to learn how to use their  God-given gifts at CLC and beyond on Sunday September 11.  So many wonderful displays were set up with lots of tempting goodies on each table as motivation to stop and learn.  The Ministry Teams that were represented were Altar Guild, Worship and Music, Adult Anonymous, Funeral Receptions, Meal Support, Prayer Chain, Stephen Ministry, Quilters, Stitchers, Social Ministry, Welcome Ministry, Fellowship, Memorial Team, Simply Giving, Financial Opportunities, Earth Keeping Ministry, Property Team,  and Technology.  Do you wonder what they all do?  Make sure you attend the next Ministry Fair.  There is something for everyone.

img_7668 img_7669 img_7672 img_7673   img_7678 img_7679 img_7680 img_7682 img_7683 img_7684 img_7685 img_7686

You could register for Sunday School or work on a craft that was supervised by our young adults.    There were tables for CKCP Preschool, Adult Education, Youth Ministry, and Christian Education.  So many opportunities for us to give and learn.


img_7676 img_7675

img_7688 img_7687

We were able to meet and greet our NEW  Director of Music Ministry, Jennifer Quiñones.  It was her first Sunday and the music during church was amazing.  Many thanks to Jennifer and Caleb.  Cant wait to hear more!


Special Thank You for CLC Generosity


Dear Pastors and members of Community Lutheran Church.

My heart is overjoyed and my words are not enough to express my gratitude. Thank you so much for supporting me to pay my medical bill.
It was very hard for me to pay all my medication costs. I received the money from Jacob Sprang.

God’s grace unfolds through your generousity and i hope to walk again and go to school and ministry soon. Thank you and may God bless all the wonderful people of community lutheran church.

Gratefuly Edward Makara

For those that are not aware of what happened to Edward here is a short version for 6/24:

MAKARA had a bad accident on June 24th after a motorcycle which was carrying him was hit by a vehicle. His leg was broken and now is at Kanombe Hospital undergoing surgery.  Pray for him and his family.

And an update on his condition as of 6/29:

Thank you for prayers
The accident took my left leg to the extent that all bones were broken
and the operation to fix them took 5 hours.
In one month I may be able to use a wheel chair and may be late
clutches. I thank God I survived bleeding to death.
I am surrounded with love from you and others here.I remain in good
hands of God for total healing. I can’t wait to serve God again with a
powerful testmony in a few months to come.
stay blessed as you bless me with prayers.

Farewell and Godspeed for Pr. Joe and Debra

On July 31, we blessed and sent Pr. Joe and Debra as they head off for Pr. Joe’s three month Sabbatical.  During this time, he will be visiting, thanking and interviewing his “saints” – mentors in the faith who have impacted his life, relationship with God, and his ministry.  He and Debra will be returning on November 6.

In the meantime, we had a wonderful send off which included quite the spread of food, some roasting from Council President Mike Turner, and a nearly life-size cardboard cutout of Pr. Joe.  This cardboard has been scaring the office staff, but do check it out in the Narthex because over the next three months, there will be different sayings from Pr. Joe on it! Thank you to the Sabbatical Team, the Church council, and all of those who made the Farewell and Godspeed a success!

We wish Pr. Joe and Debra a time of rest and rejuvenation.  May they be deeply blessed by this intentional time away to connect more deeply with God, family and friends.  See you soon!

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CLC Goes to the Nationals Game

Debra Vought organized a Community Lutheran outing to the Washington Nationals Game on Sunday July 24.
We had approximately 40 persons signed up but due to the hot weather we had a few cancelations.  Who would know when we booked this trip 2 months ago that the day would bring 100 degree temperatures.
In spite of the heat, we had a wonderful time of fellowship.
Tom and Sherry left the game in the 7th inning when the Nationals were winning and were interviewed by Fox News on their way out of the stadium.  The reporter wanted to know if they were leaving due to the heat and they answered in unison a resounding YES.  The reporter then wanted to know if they knew it would be that hot at the game to which they answered yes but the tickets were purchased two months ago with their church group and decided to go and enjoy.
We had some very wonderful feedback of the fellowship that was part of the heat and the game with comments and pictures.
Thanks Debra for all your efforts. Thanks also for the reminder that putting in the effort brings great rewards of fellowship and friendship.  I’m truly thankful for my CLC family. It may have been a hot day but it was still very cool to have spent it with all of you.
Hugs to all
Thank you Debra for organizing the event.
Bob and I had a great time.
Debra, thank you for doing all the planning and worrying about everyone.
13775842_1083045068446937_2894402693184368167_n IMG_7331
IMG_7330 IMG_7329 IMG_7328 IMG_7327
IMG_7325 IMG_7324
IMG_7642 IMG_7634 IMG_7631

Confirmation Camp – July 17-22 at Mar Lu Ridge Camp, Jefferson MD

Confirmation Camp 2016

19 Youth, Youth Minister Becca Shelor and Pr. Joe Vought attended Confirmation Camp the Week of July 17-22 .   They joined 50 other Lutheran Youth and Leaders from the Maryland and  Metro DC Synods.   Under the theme “Freed From and Freed For” the Youth recalled the Journey of God’s People out of Captivity in the story of the Exodus to be God’s Servant People in the world.

Themes for the Week were:

Sunday:                “Loved by God”

Arrival and Worship with Remembrance of Baptism and Holy Communion

Monday:              “Freed from Captivity”   God brought freedom to His children in Egypt, We are freed from sin, death and the devil.

Bible study and conversation about how  God’s people and we are held captive and our freedom by God to live anew

Tuesday               “Freed for Vocation”   God called Israel to be light to the nations, Jesus calls us to use our gifts and talents to serve the neighbor

Bible study and conversation about how people are captive today and how we are called to serve and use our gifts for others

Wednesday        “Freed for Community”    We are called to live in community with each other, there is one body with many members”

Bible study and conversation about living together in community with differences and group games for team building

Thursday             “Freed to Serve”  With our freedom in God and Christ comes responsibility to serve those in need

Lutheran World Relief project: Making blankets for people around the world and learning about LWR’s service in 37 countries

Friday                    “Taking it Home”   Remembering all the Ways in which God led us, set us free and helped us to learn and serve

Commissioning on the Mar-Lu Ridge mountain to go home as God’s servants, letting our light shine, serving others, doing justice

The Youth also enjoyed: swimming, cookouts, challenge courses, hiking, worship each day, silly songs, snacks and games.

Here is what the Youth have to say about Confirmation Camp in their own words”

Dear CLC,

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to go to camp!!

“I had so much fun, hope to see you next year at Confirmation Camp, again.”


“I had a really, really fun time at this amazing experience.”


“I am so thankful that I got to go and it was super fun.”


“This camp was such a huge blast, and I wouldn’t have learned so much if I hadn’t come here.”


“I can assure you all of us had an awesome time.”


“I really liked this place!”


“Thank you to Pastor Joe and Becca.”


“Thank you, CLC.”


“I had an amazing week!  Can’t wait for Houston!”


“I had an awesome time, and I met a lot of new people.”


“I appreciate all the support we got.  CLC is awesome”


“I enjoyed talking to everyone and learning more about Mar-Lu-Ridge.”


“I had great times during the challenge courses making strategies and new friends.”


“We all had a great time and furthered our Christian beliefs as we talked about captivity.”


“It was really fun.”


“I really enjoyed going and I look forward to going next year.”


“Thank you Mar-Lu-Ridge for the good food, the fun activities, and the funny skits.”


Confirmation Camp 2016


On Sunday, July 17th, Community Lutheran blessed 19 Youth, Pr. Joe and Becca Shelor as they embarked for Confirmation Camp at Mar Lu Ridge, July 17-22.   Through Bible Study, Worship, Group Building Activities and Small Group Learning, the Youth, Leaders and Pastors will explore what it means to be a follow of God and a disciple of Jesus with the theme:   “Freed From…(sin, evil and fear) Freed For… (service, vocation and discipleship).   Thank YOU CLC for paying half-tuition to allow our youth to experience this great faith formation event in God’s great outdoors!